Thursday, 31 July 2008

Tasmanian architecture / culture

Photo taken in the home and co-founder of Award winning Tasmanian architecture firm, Room11

.... and a great Australian tradition.

June, 2008

Louise Lumiere worked for the Navy

I'm reading an interesting book at the moment called 'Polar Inertia' by Paul Virilio (2000). I thought this was interesting: (p 9)

Louise Lumiere, at the Universal Exhibition of 1900 the French Navy lent him its most powerful searchlight to project his films on a large screen, in the famous Gallery of Machines. And in 1948, shortly before his death, he was still working to improve lighthouses for the Navy.

The birth of cinema was itself inseperable from the development of artificial light...

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Let's meet 1 May to launch the website

whatsup Y'all !

Probably out last (or 2nd last) PPD meeting,
this THURSDAY, 1 May, 2pm, college canteen

If you are unable to attend, email or call me ASAP to make
suggestions for the points listed below.
We will be making vital group decisions about the website and our
final presentation at the meeting.


1. Ros will relay our proposal feedback.
We were given individual feedback forms that Ros will hand out at the meeting.
We did well, but have to discuss the 'holes'.

2. Decide / Articulate group identity - the tutor said the website
lacked common identity.
A matter of articulating more clearly the main thrust of the website
- the idea/s that bond us as a group of people.
'Virtual space / physical space' is currently too broad an identity.

2. Make a date to construct the website ie. upload images, decide
layout and front editorial feature.

3. Clarify our roles and discuss the final presentation 16 May.

See you on Thursday,

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

What the bleep do we know?

How much do we just assume thing and how much do we really know.What is reality and what is just illusion? Are we creators or are we just followers. The art we create is it our own creation or is it some thing else. If thought is only for a split sec how important are our thoughts and do they really matter. What the bleep do we really know..

Any of you seen this movie? did it affect the way you look at the things around you?

D5 taking the work to a different context. Does it affect your work or the way you think about it?

too many questions need some answers..

Thursday, 28 February 2008

just one more thing...

if you have any ideas about FUNDING, should we really need it (eg, sponsors). please let me know- as I'm drawing a blank.

What we're about


I'm posting below the intro (aims, content, methods) for our proposal; but we all need to have a think about how we see ourselves as a group, and what we intend to add/ glean from the project individually. I love that word.
Anyway. Please post your thoughts, especially if you want to make changes in the text, and also if you can think of a snappy summary to put on the website.

Invisible Show: Proposal


The Invisible Show aims at providing a space where art can be created, shown and discussed. Unlike a traditional exhibition held in a discrete physical location, the Invisible Show is to live in the virtual environment. We hope to use this space to link together artworks, events and ideas in a way that reaches beyond the usual experience of the viewer; using the virtual space to remove the physical boundaries of space and time.

The concept of the Invisible Show acknowledges the importance of virtual space: it’s accessibility, its facility; and as a global framework. As such it is potentially powerful in housing ideas, making them visible across the world; as well as a means to promote itself. Furthermore, the virtual space lends itself to discourse much more easily than a traditional space. Thus, we also aim to establish a meaningful critical platform beyond the usual journalistic models; through which, individuals can express their opinions and add their ideas.


The show is to be composed of images, ideas and information- about art and about the show itself. Beginning as a blog between a group of students at Camberwell College of Art (UAL), we hope to see it grow in form and in reach. We aim to increase its internal structure by creating a website, adding images, including feedback from viewers, and documenting the show’s growth. We hope to grow the show in virtual space by linking it with existing sites, and so make it more visible.


At the same time, we aim to make interventions in physical space, and so allow art to grow within both virtual and physical arenas- and in the space inbetween. Input from physical space will include artwork by the group members and events conceived to work within the invisible show. Through the website and the events, we hope to sensitise the public to the concepts of virtual and physical art; and to provide a richer environment of ideas upon which the invisible show can feed. In turn, we hope this will encourage people to approach art with questions and with confidence, adding their ideas into the show.

In conclusion, the show will be a broad mix: images, artwork, discussion, publicity, events, and documentation about its own growth. This melting-pot approach aims at using the virtual space to better represent art. Instead of being a sterile, static exhibition, we hope to support a living, growing show; and so, to broaden our concepts of what art is, and how we experience it.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Agenda for next Tuesday's meeting

PPD Group Meeting, 26 Feb
Time: 1pm
Place: Drawing computer rooms
ANGENDA for meeting:
1) Listen to Ros’ tutorial info (which happened today!)

2) Bring Art to upload onto Website

3) Write/bring BIO’s to put on the Website

4) Ask Mary about written proposal (DUE: 7 March)

5) Business card design/layout

6) Other promo material / ideas for further printing

7) Real life ‘events’/exhibitions plan – Include Ellie’s documentation of Supermarket Jaunt and Fry-up Exhibition for Website

Any additions to this list? Things are really shaping up!

It would be fantastic if we all brought just one piece of artwork (even if it is the tiniest thing), or the very start of a piece of artwork on Tuesday.
It would also be fantastic if we brought a little bio , even if it is 2 lines. Others in the group can help us develop it if necessary.

Piers - anything to add?